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Frequently asked questions

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  • Will my child get a badge ? 
In 5 or 6 day group lessons the badge is included in the cost of lessons. The instructor will award the badges at the end of Friday's lesson.
  • Do you recommend private lessons for beginners ? 
In many cases we would recommend private lessons for beginners in order to get over their natural apprehension of sliding down the mountain. 
  • Why take private lessons ? 
A private lesson can be worthwhile at all levels, giving a made to measure experience. You can also use them to try something new like snowboarding, telemarking, off piste, freestyle...
  • What protection is recommended? 
Helmets are recommended for all lessons
For the Slalom Course we recommend hand and shin protection.
For Snowboard lessons we recommend wrist and knee protection.
  • Can I take a Snowboard lesson even if I have never skied? 
Yes, they are two totally different sports and you can start snowboarding with no skiing experience.
  • Is the equipment provided by the ESF ? 
No, the ESF does not provide any equipemnt.
  • Do you always have instructors available? 
The availability of instructors depends entirely on the date. During French February holidays our instructors get booked up very quickly. We suggest you book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Do I need a specific insurance? 
Insurance is not included in ESF lessons. We recommend the insurance offered by Carré Neige.