ESF Peisey Vallandry
Texte d'introduction

our commitment to quality 

The Peisey Vallandry ESF mission statement 


  • Reasonable prices
  • Quality teaching in a friendly environment
  • We limit our groups to 10 or so per teacher. If a change of level is needed for someone then we remain the right to exceed this.
  • We aim to foster a good relationship between student and instructor in a safe environment 
  • We offer a quality welcome, respect for our clients, transparency of information and high quality teaching


  • A shared passion 
  • Respect for our environment
  • Our commitment to our clients
  • Our commitment to the other service providers in our valley
  • A personal touch
  • Technical and quality teaching
  • Logo ESF
    ESF Peisey Vallandry Ecole du ski français
  • ESF Peisey Vallandry - 73210 Plan Peisey
  • Tel Peisey/Vallandry : +33 4 79 07 93 77 / +33 4 79 07 95 84