The Flèche

Competition entry

Do you like competition and want to try your hand at slalom? Do you have Gold Star or a good level?

Come and enter for the Flèche timed competition at the esf offices in Peisey-Vallandry! This is also your chance to register your name at the Ski Open.

  • The Flèche is a giant slalom ski event, lasting approximately 40 seconds, comprising between 20 and 35 gates with a drop of 200 to 250m, allowing you to obtain your medal according to your time achieved.

Each week the competition program is posted in your local ESF office: in general, Wednesday and Friday for the Flèche, which is dependent on the weather and snow conditions.

  • You must enter in one of the ESF offices, entries must be made by the evening before the slalom competition.
  • The price per person, per entry for the Flèche is 11€. 

The Flèche Results

Congratulations for taking part! Find your official result on here straight after your run.
Official results
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